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Having started running Train Simulator in 2012 I discovered that railway simulation was extremely fun and addictive as it ties in with my hobby. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to run TS as much as I wanted whilst still spending lot on it. It became very apparent how expensive it can be buying all the great downloadable content created but never having time to run it all. So much of the DLC I bought was just going to waste even after creating a few basic scenario packs for use on UK Train Sim. Eventually I came up with a way not to just to make time but a reason to use all that DLC by forming Golden Goldsmith Scenarios.

In 2014 I decided to go all out and create a company that focused full time on creating scenario packs. Not just any scenario packs but huge scenarios packs that were easy to install and come with extra items. As we were going into it full time we wanted to give people their moneys worth and really give them a reason to use all that DLC they have acquired over the years.

Times have been very slow due to us trying to make the most immersive scenarios possible. Not only that but we have also started route building and reskining which has also slowed us down.

At the end of 2017 we only had two major scenario packs out which is not good enough in our eyes and therefore something had to change. October 2017 we decided to go for a reset with updating many things including our website... and this is where we are now. Hopefully now we are able to create a lot more content for everybody to enjoy!

One last thing... Thank you so so sooooo much to our customers and supporters! Thank you!