Frequently Asked Questions

Will your scenario packs be freeware or payware?


We offer both free scenario packs and payware scenario packs.

Why do you charge for scenario packs?

This was not an easy decision, however, as we are focused on producing content full time this needed to be our source of income. Though knowing how expensive Train Simulator can be our payware will always come with something free.

Will the 'payware' scenario packs offer more than the 'freeware' scenario packs?


Yes, our 'freeware' scenario packs will still receive a lot of work and detailing, however, our 'payware' scenario packs offer the following:-

  • Higher priority support.

  • Easy access to a lot of required assets.

  • Finishing touches such as cinematic camera moments.

  • FREE updates when more scenarios are added.

Why do the scenario packs require so much downloadable content?

We try to keep the required downloadable content (DLC) to a minimum, although, across 10+ different scenarios in one pack it's hard to maintain realism without certain assets.

What does each download contain?

  • An installer.exe

  • One or more text documents.

  • A Readme pdf

  • Possible rwp file

  • Possible Word document(s)

I want to purchase a scenario pack, what do I do?

(work in progress)

How do I recover my order?

(work in progress)

If I do not like the scenarios I paid for can I have a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds simply because all purchases are a download. We cannot guarantee you will like what we do, however, we do offer free preview scenarios for every pack so you can get a taste of what to expect before deciding to purchase or not.

What personal information do you require?

The only information you enter is your name and email address to download our products.

Why do you only accept payment via PayPal?

We find this to be the most trustworthy and reliable source of payment method.

I don't have a PayPal account!

That's fine, when you get to the 'PayPal' payment page, select the second option: Pay with a debit or credit card.

Why do you have a 'Donate' button even though you sell payware anyway?

Even though we sell payware items we really do not make a lot at this stage. In fact we make quite a significant loss when it takes us 6 months or so just to create one Scenario Pack.


It is our choice to do this full time though so no complaints here it is just any help through donations help out immensely.

How can I get in contact with Golden Goldsmith Scenarios?

The are 2 ways to contacts us:-

Via our facebook page 

Or by sending us an email to

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